NOTE:  Documents are in Acrobat format, unless otherwise noted, and file sizes are listed.
  • Document Index (50Kb)
  • Definitions and Acronyms (406Kb, last updated 11/8/17)
  • Training Materials (87Kb) (available for checkout to member agencies)
  • Forms Index (36Kb) (see bottom of this page for available forms to download)
  • Documents Under User Council Review

    • User Council Charter

    Document Reviewers: You may not access the web server to save your edits. If you wish to annotate the document directly, you must download the document and then email the changed file to the responsible administrative office.


  • Cooperative and Mutual Aid Agreement (841Kb)
  • Codicil to the Cooperative Agreement (799Kb)
  • Appendix A - Spectrum Sharing Memorandum of Agreement (732Kb)
  • Appendix B - System Description (469Kb)
  • Appendix C - Organizational Structure (128Kb)
  • Appendix D - Service Level Agreement (1.7Mb)
  • Appendix E - Membership Agreement (411Kb)

  • FY16 Cost Share Cooperative Agreement (331Kb)
    Cost Share Approach and Method Explanation (192Kb)


  • Executive Council Charter (67Kb)
  • User Council Charter (404Kb)
  • Plans

  • Catastrophic Natural Events (CNE) Contingency Plan (879Kb)
  • Operations Management Office (OMO) Customer Support Plan (CSP) (691Kb)
  • Risk Management Plan (453Kb)
  • Systems Management Office (SMO) Customer Support Plan (CSP) (1.1Mb)
  • Strategic and Operational Plan (369Kb)
  • Policy Memorandums and Procedures

    200 Series - Security
  • 200-1 Employee Termination Policy (173Kb) and Procedure (239Kb)
  • 200-2 Facility Security Penetration Policy (18Kb) and Procedure (220Kb)
  • 200-3 Virus Protection Policy (155Kb)
  • 200-4 Information Systems Clearing and Sanitization Policy (172Kb) and Procedure (275Kb)
  • 200-5 Cybersecurity Policy (177Kb) and Procedure (340Kb)
  • 200-6 Security Controls Review Policy (68Kb) and Procedure (354Kb)
    300 Series - Operations
  • 300-1 Records Management Policy (179Kb) and Procedure (589Kb)
  • 300-2 Technology Policy (165Kb) and Procedure (223Kb)
  • 300-3 Interoperability Policy (55Kb) and Procedure (203Kb)
  • 300-4 New User Policy (157Kb) and Procedure (706Kb)
  • 300-5 Emergency Operations Policy (17Kb) and Procedure (432Kb)
  • 300-6 Radio Usage and Transmission Protocols Policy (78Kb) and Procedure (240Kb)
  • 300-7 Subscriber Emergency Button Activation Policy (100Kb) and Procedure (237Kb)
  • 300-8 Twitter Account Use Policy (171Kb) and Procedure (250Kb)
    400 Series - System Management
  • 400-1 System Recovery Policy (167Kb) and Procedure (320Kb)
  • 400-2 System Incident Response Policy (22Kb) and Procedure (425Kb)
  • 400-3 System Change Request Management Policy (18Kb) and Procedure (649Kb)
  • 400-4 System Account Control Policy (213Kb) and Procedure (339Kb)
  • 400-5 System Backup and Recovery Policy (146Kb) and Procedure (361Kb)
  • 400-6 System Vulnerability Management Policy (149Kb) and Procedure (281Kb)
  • 400-7 Priviledged User Acceptable Use Policy (172Kb) and Procedure (494Kb)
  • 400-8 Asset Management Policy (73Kb) and Procedure (559Kb)
  • 400-9 Site Book Policy (19Kb) and Procedure (258Kb)
  • 400-10 Standard Channel Naming Convention Policy (181Kb) and Procedure (282Kb)
  • 400-11 Outage Reporting Policy (155Kb) and Procedure (217Kb)
  • 400-12 Spectrum Licensing and Management Policy (50Kb) and Procedure (223Kb)
  • 400-13 Help Desk Policy (21Kb) and Procedure (595Kb)
  • 400-14 Talkgroup Development Policy (21Kb) and Procedure (445Kb)
  • 400-15 Vendor Equipment Evaluation Policy (60Kb)
  • 400-16 System Key Usage Policy (555Kb) and Procedure (358Kb)
  • 400-17 Key Management Facility Policy (17Kb) and Procedure (460Kb)
    NOTE: The Key Management Procedure is password protected.  Only KMF owner/operators are allowed access and should contact the OMO for the password.
  • 400-18 Subscriber Acceptance Testing Policy (529Kb) and Procedure (201Kb)


  • Grant Guide (498Kb)
  • Concept of Operation (925Kb)
  • High Level Strategy (685Kb)
  • High Level Communications Strategy (308Kb)
  • Roles and Responsibilities (452Kb)
  • 2005 Total Cost of Ownership Study (20.9Mb)
  • 2008 Total Cost of Ownership Study (2Mb)
  • 2009 Economic Analysis Summary (1.3Mb)
  • 2009 Economic Analysis Final Report (17.5Mb)
  • 2011 State of Alaska ALMR Feasibility Study (2.6 Mb)
  • 2014 State of Alaska Telecommunications System (SATS) Analysis  (2.2Mb)
  • 2016 Business Case (654Kb)
  • Cost Share Plan Explanation (161Kb)
  • Tactical Interoperable Communications Plans
    NOTE: You will be re-directed to a separate page to access the TICPs.  TICPs are for ALMR agency use only and are password protected. Agencies should contact the OMO to obtain the password.
  • Member Materials

  • New Member Checklist (127Kb)
  • Talkgroup Sharing Explanation (13Kb)
  • Membership Agreement (355Kb) (NOTE: This is not a fillable form. Please contact the Operations Management Office directly for assistance.)
  • Emergency Dispatch Support Services Memorandum of Agreement (77Kb) (NOTE: This is not a fillable form.  Please contact the Operations Management Office directly for assistance.)
  • Forms

    NOTE: Download form to your computer prior to attempting to fill in.

  • Equipment Movement - Form 2 (NOTE: Email to the Help Desk upon completion)
  • Subscriber Request - Form 4 (NOTE: Email to the Help Desk upon completion)
  • Talkgroup Sharing Agreement - Form 7 (NOTE: Email to the Operations Management Office upon completion)
  • System Change Request (CR) Management - Form 8 (NOTE: Email to the Operations Management Office upon completion)
  • Communications Incident Report - Form 10 (for Word 1997 - 2003 users) (NOTE: Email to the Help Desk upon completion)
  • Communications Incident Report - Form 10 (for Word 2007 users) (NOTE: Email to the Help Desk upon completion)
  • Customer Complaint Record - Form 11 (NOTE: Email to the Operations Manager, System Manager, or Help Desk upon completion) 

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